This event is part of the Beijing Design Week programme and establishes a dialogue between both architects on their design concepts, urban planning and their integration into a growth model that minimizes environmental impact.


On Thursday 27 September at 18:30 the Cervantes Institute in Beijing is hosting the opening of the exhibition Urban Ecologies in the presence of IAAC founder Vicente Guallart. The exhibition establishes a meeting between two masters in urban design from Spain and China: Vicente Guallart, founder of our centre and the Guallart Architects studio, and Yu Kongjian, founder of Turenscape and dean of the School of Landscape Architecture at the University of Beijing.

Both designers, despite their different backgrounds, work in the same direction: both draw on the work of previous creators who sought to establish a symbiosis between design and nature. In addition, both Guallart and Kongjian have founded their own advanced education programmes to use training as an engine that generates positive impacts on the reconstruction of the city concept. Through their work, they constantly question how to resolve the coexistence between urbanism and ecology in the current socio-economic situation.

Vicente Guallart will attend the inauguration. His presence in China has increased in recent years when he won the competition for the urban project of Xianmihu in the city of Shenzhen. In addition, the study directed by Guallart has entered the final phase of the awarding of the urban development project for a new district in the same city. The exhibition can be seen at the Cervantes Institute in Beijing until 2 December.