Valldaura Self-sufficient Labs is a project promoted by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia for the creation of a self-sufficient habitat research centre. Located in the Collserola Natural Park, in the heart of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, it has laboratories for the production of energy, food and things, and develops projects and academic programmes in association with leading research centres around the world.




Vicente Guallart

IAAC Founder / Valldaura Labs Director / MAEB Co-Director / Urbanization.org Director / Board of Trustees Member

Laia Pifarré

Operations Manager at Valldaura Labs

Daniel Ibañez

MAEB Co-Director / Board of Trustees Member

Nicolò Gnecchi

Fab Manager at Valldaura Labs

Honorata Grzesikowska

Urbanization.org coordinator / MaCT Studio & MAEB Faculty/ Urban Projects Research

Eduardo Chamorro

MAEB Faculty

Oscar Aceves

MAEB Faculty / Energy

Miquel Rodríguez

MAEB Faculty

Marta Domènech

MAEB Faculty / MAP 13

Mariana Palumbo Fernández

MAEB Faculty / MAP 13

Jochen Scheerer

MAEB Faculty / Water

David López

MAEB Faculty / MAP 13