The aim of the Advanced Architecture Contest is to promote discussion and research through which to generate insights and visions, ideas and proposals that help us envisage what the city and the habitat of the 21st century will be like. The competition is open to architects, engineers, planners and designers who want to contribute to progress in making the world more habitable by developing a proposal capable of responding to emerging challenges in areas such as ecology, information technology, architecture, and urban planning.

“Remix El Barrio” – Food waste biomaterials design exhibition

"Remix El Barrio", Food waste biomaterials design MATERFAD, Barcelona Materials Center, brings the exhibition “Remix El Barrio” to its headquarters, the Disseny Hub Barcelona. In the last 30 years, plastic production has increased by 620%. Every day in Catalonia, 720,000 kg of food is thrown away. This wasted food, totalling 260,000 tonnes per year, is…

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Food Tech 3.0: Food Technology Project Accelerator

Food Tech 3.0: Food Technology Project Accelerator Fab Lab Barcelona’s Food Tech 3.0 Accelerator Lab is taking its next step: launching an open call for creators of innovative food technology to take part in an 8 month-long accelerator program. Fab Lab announced the call during Food Tech’s first public, online event last December 9 (watch…

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WASP – 3D Printing Eco-building

Check out the nice work of our partner WASP, building towards a more sustainable 3D Printing Architecture, replacing concrete with soil as a primary building material. Inspired by potter wasp, since 2012 WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) have been developing viable construction processes based on the principles of circular economy and digital fabrication. On the…

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Every year IAAC announces a Scholarship Contest for prospective students who are interested in taking any of our master programmes. Three scholarships are offered per course, covering 50%, 30% and 20% of the total tuition fee, depending on the quality of the work of the scholarship winners.

MDEF – Designing something ‘almost useful’

Designing something ‘almost useful’ How designing for the purpose of "interest" rather than "usefulness" expands our student's skill sets and potential for future impact. Our lives are dictated by the many machines that surround us. From a clock to a computer, machines are an integral part of our lives, and even more so when you…

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4th Edition IAAC Alumni Meeting | Call for Speakers

It’s official! The date has been set for the 4th IAAC Alumni Meeting. Join us on the 31st of May 2021 to share your stories and developments. As Part of the 4th IAAC Global Alumni meet, an online Symposium will be held, open to the public towards the promotion of this Network and its development…

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