The Advanced Architecture Group (AAG) is an interdisciplinary research group investigating emerging technologies of information, interaction and manufacturing for the design and transformation of the cities, buildings and public spaces.

Big & small data, responsiveness, smart energy systems, artificial intelligence, robotics, advanced materials, and additive manufacturing are few of the key topics developed by the AAG and applied to novel visions and solutions for the architectural and urban fabric. Through innovative educational programs and a hands-on based methodology, AAG works on redefining the paradigm of design education in the Information and Experience Age.

Through the realisation of professional projects, AAG works on real-scale pilot projects and real-world situations merging basic and applied research in collaboration with the industry and a series of multidisciplinary experts.

Within the current critical environmental, economic and social framework, and at a moment of a novel intersection and crossing between bits (digital) and atoms (physical), AAG explores how technologies can contribute in activating, socialising and establishing new responsive inhabitation models.



In Barcelona, IAAC offers an international Master programme in Advanced Architecture (MAA). The MAA is oriented towards architects, engineers and designers from all over the world, eager to imagine the future of our cities and societies and committed to building it in the present.

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The Open Thesis Fabrication programme is a 6-month long intensive applied research in the field of additive manufacturing of sustainable architecture. Between the use of advanced technology for construction and the desire to develop a holistic design approach to architecture, we engage with different areas of research that include robotic manufacturing, material research and performance-based design. The programme seeks to develop technological and architectural solutions in collaboration with Industry partners to answer the current needs and challenges of our habitat. 

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The Master in City & Technology (MaCT) is a unique programme which is orientated towards training change makers that city administrations, governments, industries, and communities need, in order to develop projects for the transformation of our cities in the era of big data.

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EU Project BUILDS – Building Urban Intelligent Living Design Solutions (2019-2021) Description “BUILDS” aims to fill the gap in the biotechnology sector applied to smart architecture and design by bringing intelligent living solutions for cities to the market through research, education, entrepreneurship and industry leaders cooperation. EU Call Erasmus + Total Funding 999,072 € IAAC…

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Albert Cañigueral

EU Project Creative Food Cycles (2018-2020) Description “Creative Food Cycles” enhances innovative and creative practices between food, architecture and conviviality in a transnational and European perspective. EU Call Creative Europe Programme Total Funding 198,000 € IAAC Department Advanced Architecture Group Partners Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany), Universitá Degli Studi di Genova (Italy) Website https://creativefoodcycles.org/

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EU Project KAAU - Knowledge Alliance for Advanced Urbanism (2015-2018) Description KAAU group works for the sensitive integration of ICT in cities, taking in consideration cultural heritage, environmental and social dimension issues. This project aims to promote an innovative understanding of "Advanced Urbanism" that requires changing traditional design and urban planning practices towards more open, collaborative…

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EU Project Active Public Space (2015-2017) Description Active Public Space (APS) is an initiative focused in the transformation of city public spaces into active and dynamic ones by fostering people interaction with flows of energy, materials, services and finances in order to catalyse sustainable economic development, resilience and high quality of life. EU Call Creative Europe…

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EU Project URBiNAT (2018-2023) Description URBiNAT focuses on the regeneration and integration of deprived districts in urban development through innovative Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) - an Urban Inclusive Nature - ensuring sustainability and mobilising driving forces for social cohesion. EU Call Horizon 2020 Total Funding 13,019,300 € (to be confirmed) IAAC Department Advanced Architecture Group Partners…

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EU Project InnoChain (2015-2019) Description The InnoChain ETN network aims to expand, synthesise and consolidate knowledge into computation-informed building design practice across academia and practice. This initiative has a strong inter-sector focus and connects emerging and established research environments in academia and professional practice from architecture, engineering, design software development and fabrication. EU Call Horizon 2020…

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InnoChain Journal #4 – Second Year Colloquium

The InnoChain journal #4 showcases material research results and reporting of the Second year colloquium organised by IAAC, as well as the presentation of the research exhibition “Prototypes”, focusing on direct full-scale testing of defined design criteria against real-world methods of realisation and production, and its integration with the industry. The InnoChain network is a shared…

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InnoChain Journal #0 – The Network

This initial issue of the Innochain Network journal introduces the network, the partners from Industry and University as well as the projects of the 15 Early Stage Researchers. The network is a shared research training environment, examining how advances in digital design tools challenge building culture enabling sustainable, informed and materially smart design solutions. The…

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Active Public Space: “How to” Guide

IAAC coordinates the EU-co-funded project ‘Active Public Space‘ (APS) with the aim of developing knowledge on public space throughout Europe as a means of engagement and interactive platforms for citizens. The projects are developed and enhanced by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, together with CCEA (Centre for Central European Architecture in Prague) and UAAV (University of Applied…

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Active Public Space (APS) Catalogue – State of the Art

The Creative Europe Programme co-funded initiative Active Public Space (APS) Catalogue, coordinated by IAAC, has issued the "State of the Art" catalogue aimed at detecting and mapping existing successful examples of active-smart public spaces in terms of design, technology, management and occupancy by citizens. The case studies were collected through an open call for paper and academic…

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From Now to Then: Between Man-kind and Robot-kind

‘From Now to Then: Between Man-kind and Robot-kind’ is an IAAC publication developed with the collaboration of global think-tank and research institute The Why Factory, led by world-renowned Dutch architect Winy Maas, and elaborated by IAAC students from the Master in City and Technology 2016/2017. This publication aims to bring together visionary ideas and revolutionary…

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Academic Director / MAA01, MAA02, MaCT Programme Director and Studio Faculty / DMIC Leader / Board of Trustees Member / PhD Supervisor

Head of Studies / MAA, MRAC, MaCT, CIEE Studio & Theory Faculty / Research Methodology Advisor / PhD Supervisor

Chiara Farinea

Head of European Projects / MAA01 Faculty

Alexandre Dubor

MRAC Director / OTF Co-director / MAA, MAI, OTF Senior Faculty / Robotic Expert

OTF Co-director / MAA Senior Faculty / MaCT Studio Faculty

Aldo Sollazzo

MRAC Director / GSS Director / MAA & CIEE Senior Faculty / Computational Expert / MaCT Seminar Faculty

Manuel Gausa

MAA Senior Faculty / Advanced Theory Director / MaCT Seminar Faculty / PhD Supervisor

Academic Coordinator / MAA, MaCT Faculty / OTF and MAA02 Coordinator

MAA Senior Faculty / Advanced Interaction Research Studio Leader / Computational Expert

MAA, MaCAD, CIEE, GSS Senior Faculty / Computational Advisor / MaCT Seminar Faculty

MaCT Coordinator, Studio & Seminar Faculty / CIEE coordinator

MAA Academic Coordinator

MRAC Coordinator / IAAC Global Summer School Coordinator

Kunaljit Chadha

MRAC Faculty Assistant / MAA Fabrication expert / OTF Fabrication expert

Cristian Rizzuti

MAA, GSS Faculty / MaCT Seminar Faculty / MRAC Faculty Assistant / Multimedia Design Expert

Mohamad Atab

EU projects computation and fabrication expert / MAA Faculty /  Fabtextiles / Advanced Theory

Ricardo Mayor

Fabrication expert / MAA Faculty

Lana Awad

Fabrication expert / MAA Faculty

Computational urban design expert / MaCT Faculty

Pilar Xiqués

Academic Secretary

David Andres Leon

MaCAD Director // MAA Faculty

Enric Ruiz Geli

MAA Senior Faculty // MaCT Theory Guest Faculty

Javier Peña Galiano

MAA Senior Faculty

IAAC Bits Editorial Coordinator

Diego Pajarito

MaCT Seminar Faculty

MAA Faculty Assistant

Fab Lab Manager / MAA Faculty

Graphic Designer & Community Manager