IAAC participates in national and international events in the fields of higher education, architecture, technology and robotics in the construction sector. In recent years the Institute has collaborated as a participant but also as a sponsor in different events that aim to situate Barcelona as a pioneer city in the field of urban spaces and intelligent habitats.


Maker Faire Barcelona is a free festival open to everyone in which you can discover, experiment, create, share and be inspired by art, engineering, music, crafts, science and technology with the whole family. The event, which is supported by IAAC, aims to promote imagination, creativity, innovation and learning new skills among curious people of any age, facilitating networks, knowledge and tools to become passionate creators.


Barcelona Building Construmat includes every single construction sector, an international benchmark of innovation and a forum for knowledge and business. This event is a bi-annual meeting brings together influencers, manufacturers, international buyers and the key players in the construction industry.


IN(3D)USTRY is part of the Barcelona Industry Week and addresses topics such as additive manufacturing technologies, advanced manufacturing, moulds and matrixes, new materials, plastics and 3D printing. The exhibition is one of Barcelona’s annual events, and the largest in Europe in the field of 3D printing, which is strongly committed to innovation and the application of this technology in the aeronautical, health and industrial sectors.


The Fab Lab Network organizes annual meetings and encounters to strengthen the mission of spreading the philosophy of open source digital manufacturing worldwide.  In 2010, Fab Lab Barcelona brought together the international Fab Lab community, made up of more than 150 laboratories from more than 40 countries, which share tools, projects, programs and processes in an open and collaborative philosophy. Since then, the community has grown steadily into a network with presence in a multitude of events, conferences and international projects.