IAAC’s Fab Lab Barcelona organizes workshops for a hands-on chance to explore new fabrication techniques. We designed annually a series of workshops as a way to foster a collaborative environment for our lab members and digital fabrication lovers as well as a way for our staff to learn new skills.


Workshops for professionals at IAAC aim to develop internal talent and offer a wide array of courses designed to meet the needs of professionals in the field of architecture, parametric design, urbanism and other stages and disciplines such as engineering or computation design. These workshops also complement our alumni and students expertise with the continuing development of transferable skills and competencies that can help them to be better prepared for today’s rapidly changing environments, thus ensuring that are given the opportunity for professional development and for improving their employability.


The workshops organized in Valldaura Self-sufficient Labs are based on disciplines such as Biology, Forestry, Digital Manufacturing, Agroecology. These activities revolve around the philosophy of enhancing sustainable and self-sufficient societies, with the aim of empowering citizens through science and providing knowledge on circular economy.


The purpose of Green Fab Lab Workshops in Valldaura campus is to explore the relationship between digital and biological manufacturing. The workshops organized in the lab are based on defining a theoretical and experimental framework focused on the convergence between digital fabrication and biological or organic processes.