With your donations we want to reach the goal of 100.000 euros to begin the extension of the infrastructures. All the donors will become part of the Valldaura – Iaac community, will receive newsletters, will be able to participate in workshops and immersive programs, but more so we want them to collaborate and share their time and initiatives in making Valldaura a prototype of a self sufficient habitat.

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For 20:

You will receive a tour of Valldaura given by a student or an investigator of IAAC

For 50:

You will receive a tour and a box of fresh vegetables produced at Valldaura

For 100:

You will spend a day in Valldaura and have a evening stroll through the forest

For 200:

A couple will spend the night in Valldaura and dine from the ecological orchard.

For 500:

You will be able to participate in a fabrication workshop in Valldaura

For 1000:

You will be able to design and fabricate a chair or bench out of the local wood

For 2000:

You and 25 of your friends will be able to spend the night in Valldaura.

For 5000:

We will organize an event for your company, along with self-sufficiency workshops.

For 10000:

You will be able to have a 2 day team building session with your company.