IAAC is part of this European network connecting established and emerging research environments in academia and industry from architecture, engineering, development and manufacturing of design software


The European Commission has selected the InnoChain research initiative involving 6 academic institutions across Europe, including IAAC, as an example of “success” among the projects co-financed by the H2020 programme. InnoChain aims to strengthen the link between architecture and design so that they play a key role in the revolution in the construction sector. Its challenge to date has been to advance through research into a new industrial approach that takes into account the potential of digital technologies to bring about real changes in urban and architectural design and planning.

In the article, InnoChain is describes as an “innovation chain for next-gen buildings” and the EU’s Research and Innovation department highlighted it as a necessary and innovative response for the construction industry, which is looking for new ways to take advantage of advances in digital technology. In this line it points out the talent of “young designers, architects, engineers and IT specialists who are being praised for their innovative approach to this rapidly evolving industrial sector”.

You can read now the InnoChain “Success Story” here.