Following the research developed by faculty and students of the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction (MRAC) on wood recycling, Better CNC Factory, an EU funded project, has allowed the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) to partner with Fiction Factory and Jesse Howards.

The project aims to reduce wood waste from CNC production by deploying Industry 4.0 strategies (digital twin, automation, workflow and material optimization) that also allow artists and designers to introduce new customizable products that take advantage of the remaining waste. 


The project Better CNC Factory (BCF) challenge opportunities to reduce waste through the development of optimization algorithms and new products that take advantage of the waste. This project proposes to develop a new solution at the intersection of design and technology that can help the manufacturing sector to be more competitive and, at the same time, reduce waste in an innovative way. IAAC is the technology provider that brings to the project its unique expertise in automated wood waste recycling and combine it with the artist Jesse Howard’s expertise in systemic design for digital fabrication. Fiction Factory builds custom interiors for B2B global and local brands of different sectors such as footwear and fashion, food and beverage, and arts and culture, among others.

The project plans on one side to deploy and integrate a technological solution for waste reduction and production pre-planning + simulation based on the RAMP ecosystem, and on the other side to develop a series of customizable products that will adapt in shape and design to the waste material available, creating new business opportunities.

Thanks to the EU project Better CNC Factory, IAAC participated to the Dutch Design Week 2022, with the exhibition No Space for Waste, that has been entirely built from CNC Waste.

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