IAAC participates in this edition of the ROB|ARCH which aims to strengthen a network of international teams and researchers by creating greater knowledge and stimulating innovation


“The advent of robotics in the creative and construction industry has led to a surprising revolution, changing not only the way objects are created and designed, but also transforming the knowledge of culture, politics and economy”. This sentence announces the 2018 edition of ROB|ARCH, one of the most important robotics events in Europe, which is hosted by the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and the NCCR Digital Fabrication (DFAB) in Switzerland, from 10 to 15 September.

On this occasion, the event has scheduled different conferences, discussion panels, exhibitions and interesting workshops. In the case of the talks, the different topics are divided into: Materials and Processes, Construction and Structure, Application and Practice, Design and Simulation, and finally, Control and Fabrication. According to the organisers, this series of conferences allows practitioners of these disciplines to share their experience and bring together international research teams to promote the strengthening of new networks, increase knowledge and stimulate innovation.

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia participates in this 2018 edition with a session on “On-Site Robotics for Sustainable Construction” alongside Tecnalia with the objective of showing the project potentials, developed during Open Thesis Fabrication 2016-2017 programme, that brings building robotics to construction site. In addition, Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction’s (MRAC) Co-Directors Alexandre Dubor and Aldo Sollazzo will contribute as guest speakers on “Control and Fabrication” on Friday 14th.