IAAC has been invited again to participate in the Llum BCN Urban Light Festival in Barcelona, an event that illustrates the capabilities of light, digital technology, movement, virtual reality or AI to be a intrinsic part of the cityscape and its ability to merge with the architectural design of the urban environment. 

It is with great excitement we communicate that the IAAC is participating once again in the event. This time, our MAA second year students will present a site specific installation entirely designed, prototyped and installed by them, under the guidance of faculty Luis Fraguada and Cristian Rizzuti.

The installation is called “EOLICA” and transforms the people’s breath into light energy that activates an urban lot and the railways. Citizens become agents of transformation of the space, and control its transformation.

The installation is activated by people playing with pinwheels while their rotations get measured by an IR sensor. The RPM of the pinwheels gets translated into the lights that will flow from the pinwheels towards the back of the site in gentle waves that use a sine curve to generate the path on the warped grid of led bulbs.

The installation will be on display through the Llum´s weekend festival, between the 14th and 16th of february, and it will be located in the Poblenou neighborhood, at Alava Street 153 (Adif), a place that is crossed by a train track, which speaks of movement and the rush of wind, anticipation and collective experience. A field of light that is charged up with the power of people’s breath. A space we can transform, thanks to shared experiences, in a place of wonders.


We invite you to join the event next weekend, and not to miss your mates’ work!

You can follow EOLICA on instagram at this link: instagram.com/p/B7G1EtOobRh




Aysel Abasova, Yigitalp Behram, Ankita Alessandra Bob, Pratik Girish Borse, Holly Victoria Carton, Daria Ciobanu-Enescu, Fiona Demeur, Manan Jain, Tolga Kalcioglu, Anton Koshelev, Kristine Kuprijanova, Timothy Lam, Logesh Mahalingam, Ivan Marchuk, Hena Micoogullari, Aishath Nadh Ha Naseer, Eszter Olah, Haresh Ragunathan, Surayyn Selvan, Megan Yates Smylie, Oana Taut, Hongyu Wang, Yimeng Wei, Doruk Yildirim

Coordinators: Luis Fraguada and Cristian Rizzuti Colaboraciones: Marco Ingrassia

OffLlum BCN at Fab Lab Barcelona

IAAC will be present as well in the #OffLlumBCN version of the festival, a circuit of mid and small-format lighting installations designed by Poblenou Urban District & friends.

Come & experience the magic of OffLlum at Fab Lab Barcelona & IAAC, with “Jugando con la Luz” a play with light by our Future Learning Unit and “Resoline” – an installation by Joris Vos at Fab City Hub that takes the air pollution data and creates a new way to understand global pollution problem.

An alternative tour of the LlumBCN Festival that seeks to focus on experimental light art and local proposals of the spaces of creation and innovation that form the creative community of Poblenou.