[Emerging Construction Process]

With designers seeking to push the limits of what is a possible using computational design, parametric modeling techniques, and real-time process feedback, industrial robotic tools have emerged as an ideal development platform to reconsider way of materializing digital complexity.
During the last decades, the accessibility of the technology to new users has increased dramatically, with many manufacturers adopting open standards for connectivity and programming. Designers have taken the flexible nature of industrial robotic technology as more than just an enabler of computationally derived formal complexity; instead they have leveraged it as an opportunity to reconsider the entire design-to-production chain toward mass customization, the use of new material, new process and toward the rise of new design opportunities.

Building with Robots Workshop

This workshop will be the place to learn and discuss about robots in architecture and its possibilities to change actual production processes.

Participants will be introduced to generative design, digital crafting, coding, robotic simulation and will end with the manipulation of the actual robot present on site.


Participants are required to bring their own laptops with the following OS and software installed :
– Windows 7 or 8
– Rhinoceros 3D
– Grasshopper 0.9.7xxx
Familiarities with those software is highly recommended.
All software can be downloaded from their respective website. (as Trial version)
Additional plugin and scripts will be provided by the tutors.


Day 1
– Showcase of existing architectural research
– Introduction to Robot movement, KukaPrc controler and KRL
– 1st Robot experimentation
Day 2
– Introduction to 3D printing with Clay
– Manual and robot experimentation 1-2 session on the robot by group
– Discussion & Project review
Day 3
– Robot experimentation, 2 to 3 sessions by group
– Conclusion

REGISTRATION (until 15/5/2015)
For registration please e-mail at :
[email protected]

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