Mette Ramsgaard Thompsen

Lecture: CITA Research Practice

Mette Ramsgard Thomsen is an architect working with digital technologies. Her research centres on the relationship between crafts and technology framed through “Digital Crafting” as way of questioning how computation, code, material and fabrication challenge architectural thinking and material practices. Her work is practice lead and through projects such as Thicket, Slow Furl, Listener and Vivisection she investigates the design and realisation of a behavioural space.

Mette is a Professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, where she heads the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture [CITA].

CITA uses a practice based research methods focussed on the conceptualisation, design and realisation of working prototypes and full scale demonstrators. CITAs work has a strong cross-disciplinary focus consolidates new collaborations with interdisciplinary partners from the fields of engineering, design, robotics and material science.We are proud to announce that this year IAAC and CITA will be collaborating in the development of the Research Studio in the Masters in Advanced Architecture investigating Digital Materials and Intelligent Constructions.