Autonomous vehicles will have a powerful effect on the way cities are shaped, operated, and experienced in the coming decades. They will change not only transportation, but myriad other aspects of city life, among them land use, health, education, work, sustainability, and local finance.

Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Aspen Institute have launched an Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles to help leaders in cities around the world maximise the benefits and mitigate the downsides of this new technology.

IAAC Co-founder Vicente Guallart has been invited to take part to the first convening, that has been held on the 6th of March at Bloomberg Philanthropies in New York City, where city representatives will learn from industry and technology companies about the recent technological developments.

They will engage in off-the-record conversations with city leaders and experts that will guide short and long term decisions to ensure this new technology benefits cities and their residents.

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