Art Project Presentation at Tsepelovo
Main Square of Tsepelovo (Greece)
Thursday, July 31 and Friday, August 1 2014, 9 pm.

On Thursday, July 31 and Friday, August 1 2014, EASTN presents installations, video projections and music performances in the space around the main square of Tsepelovo.  This event is part of the Workshop organized at the Station of the Athens School of Fine Arts by Ionian University with support from the Athens School of Fine Arts.

The workshop explores the theme of Tangibility through works that combine traditional art practices, cultural artefacts and customs with new technologies and educational activities.  Its participants are members of the EASTN project from France, the UK, Spain and Greece, and primary as well as secondary school teachers from Greece.  The magnificent landscape of the Zagoria region as well as historically significant cultural monuments in the region, inspired the participants of the workshop to engage with the environment and with local traditions, and to integrate photos, videos, audio recordings as well as collected objects and elements of traditional customs and practices in their work.  During the first week, the teachers organized a 5-day seminar with children of the village, showing use of digital technologies as a means for creatively exploring the surroundings of the village.

We wish to express our thanks and gratitude to the Chancellor of the Athens School of Fine Arts, Professor Georgios Harvalias, the Mayor of Zagori Mr. Gavriil Ppaanastasiou, the Vice-Mayor of Zagori Mr. Ilias Raptis, the President of Tsepelovo Community Mr. Thomas Kittas, the President of the Culture Association of Zagori Mr. Takis Papigkiotis, the children of Tsepelovo and their parents and all others who assisted and took part in this initiative.

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