PUBLIC PLAY SPACE (PPS) is a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and developed by IAAC, BUas and CLAC.

Public Play Space has conducted its third Creative and Capacity Building Workshop on Co-Design for Co-Habitation, during 28-30 September at IAAC, Barcelona.


Public Play Space is an EU project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme and coordinated by IAAC’s Advanced Architecture Group.

The Workshop aimed at exploring innovative participatory strategies and processes for the co-design and planning of urban spaces, by focusing on enhancing sustainable consumption habits, self-sufficiency, and circularity.

For three days, 20 participants joined both in-person and remotely and worked together in 6 groups with the objective of developing strategies and projects that activate the public space by using advanced interactive technologies and playful interaction and gamification techniques. The Workshop combined intense work sessions with in-depth expert feedback and guidance meetings. These were also paired with insightful and inspirational lectures given by the PPS project partners experts in the fields of architecture, arts, gaming, participatory design, and advanced technologies (from IAAC, BUAS, and CLAC), that explored Interactive Technologies for Co-Habitation, Theory of Games, Digital versus Analogue Games, and Emotional Landscape theories and practices.

During the last day of the Workshop (Wednesday 30 September) the 6 groups presented their outstanding proposals: The Urban Pyramid, Lucus Lux, The Loop, Pujades Soundscape, the Urban Sweeper, and Designing by Moving.

After a tight deliberation, the jury announced the winners of a professional render that will be published on the project website and disseminated across the network: first place for Urban Sweeper, second for Lucus Lux, and third for Pujades Soundscape!

Stay tuned and check regularly the PPS website for the workshop results, project presentations, videos, pictures, and more!

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