‘The New Old’ Exhibition in Shenzhen – 2020/21 MaCT students & The Why Factory

CABLE’s first exhibition entitled ‘Cities, Circling in Time’ has invited artists, architects and research institutions from China, the Netherlands, Spain and Japan to jointly explore the definition of history in the present, outline the difficulties and hopes of regeneration, and weave possible prospects for the future.

The exhibition opened last week in Shenzhen showcasing the collaborative research project between last year’s IAAC’s Master of City and Technology students and The Why Factory. The display was exhibited in a recently opened gallery in the urban village of Nantou, Shenzhen.

“The New Old” explores how we can manage all we leave behind by analyzing what “Old” means and what will “become Old” in the next years. By understanding the Old’s location, size and timeline the students envisioned its future – by actions of removing, reusing, relocating and remembering- so we could start answering the question: “What will be the New Old and what will it look like?”

Feel free to check out the pictures from the beautifully curated exhibition below.