Urban manufacturing model, the “Taobao Village” is meant to help enhance development and raise community income via e-commerce and digital technology. As the first “Taobao Village” of China, Shaji Town has become a real success story when explaining how can e-commerce bring development and prosperity in the rural area, becoming indeed a significant force for the country’s rural e-commerce development.

SZOIL, IAAC, AFAC, IAU, Wikifactory, Distributed Design Market Platform and Fab City, invite Chinese and international designers, makers, architects, urbanists, entrepreneurs, and innovators, to participate in the Shaji Studio summer program. Studying this unique ecosystem will be the opportunity for students to work, learn, design and debate about rural development, urbanization and new online entrepreneurial models, sharing ideas with people from diverse disciplines and countries.

Studio Shaji 2019


  • Immersive experiences in Shaji village
  • Meeting the entrepreneurs of Shaji
  • Visit factories and e-commerce operations
  • Talks and lectures by experts
  • Co-Design workshops
  • Launching new products on Taobao


Location: Shaji Town, Jiangsu Province, China

Date: 14-24 July, 2019

Fee: €1500 (Flights to Shanghai not included)

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