IAAC Lecture Series 2015/16

Tuesday 19th of April
Eugenio Tisselli

@ 19.30, IAAC Auditorium
Open to the Public

Eugenio Tisselli

How can we create platforms for the production of agricultural knowledge? How can it be widely shared and mobilized? What may be the role of information and communications technologies in such process?

Eugenio Tisselli is an artist and programmer with a specific interest in developing socio-technical methodologies for communal practice. He was awarded a PhD degree by Z-Node, the Zurich Node of the Planetary Collegium. Previously, he worked as an associate researcher at the Sony Computer Science Lab in Paris, and was also a teacher and co-director of the Masters in Digital Arts program at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. In his role as director of the ojoVoz project, he has carried out extended workshops with small-scale farming communities in different parts of the world.