This summer, the rural environment of the Valldaura Self-Sufficient Labs has become the meeting point for an international community, passionate about the world of design and creation, willing to connect with the talents of Barcelona.

Four workshops, from different disciplines, brought together a diverse group of people under the guidance of leading professionals of each discipline and they were able to transform Valldaura into a dynamic, collaborative, accessible and vivid platform. These four disciplines were:

  • Land Art
  • Big Data
  • Lighting Design
  • Typography

The workshops which encouraged the participants for hands-on exploration, creative thinking and the production process were:


During Innovative Paintbrush, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada could involve the participants in the creation of a monumental image, blending art and technology through the use of a GPS and robotic total station method, using a 360-degree prism and non-toxic chalk paint.


The participants of the workshop Under Construction Light, led by Antoni Arola, explored the potentials of light in Valldaura, by studying its multiple effects and experimented with different natural materials. Using cutting-edge lighting techniques, they transformed Valldaura’s spaces, giving them a completely new atmosphere.


Data Topographies was the occasion for Bestiario to collect detailed topographical information about the Collserola Park, an 8,000-hectare natural park that rises up over Barcelona and is home to Valldaura Self-sufficient Labs. To visualize and represent the data, the participants of the workshop produced a map by using traditional knitting techniques and local materials, such as wood, coop grid and wool.


In the workshop Land Type, Lo Siento Studio worked with typography, materials and perceptions in creating tailored typographical structures, coherent with Valldaura’s concept and its natural surroundings. The participants worked with organic and recycled materials to produce different letters by using artisan techniques mixed with advanced production.