The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is looking to extend its team. If you are interested in joining our team, have a look at the job opportunities below!

3DPA Coordinator

Topics include:

  • Academic management
  • Public Relations
  • Fundraising


– Preparation of 3DPA program materials such as program, schedules, forms, posters etc.
– Setup and administration of 3DPA Program content, current student and alumni database;
– Communication with the scientific tutors, providing guidance and assistance in all organizational steps of the 3DPA Program;
– Communication with prospective and enrolled students.
– Supervision of 3DPA program / students and faculty
– Invitation of speakers and students;
– Promoting the 3DPA Program on social media and any other available channels of communication relevant to the program;
– Management of scholarship campaign
– Follow up of academic collaboration with other institutions
– Scanning and writing for proposal fundings
– Developing and following a fundraising campaign
– Communication with cultural institutions, museums and fairs to exhibit 3DPA work
– Arranging for logistics (transport, material purchase, presentations, installations, catering) – with the support of the academic secretary
– Support processing reimbursement requests, invoices or payments with administration staff;
– Compiling reports, including student statistics and Master Program budgets;
– Setup and analysis of online surveys and forms;
– Data management and electronic document filing, including student management system;

Reporting structure:
This position reports to the 3DPA Directors and the IAAC Head of Studies.

Qualification requirements:
The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills and ability required to successfully perform the essential functions of this position.
– Education and/or Experience:
– Previous experience in Academia, Teaching, Research, Scientific Papers & Publications;
– Experience with Google Drive / Docs / Sheets;
– Knowledge of Microsoft Office Word / Excel;
– Basic Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign;

– Strong interpersonal skills, as well as written and oral communication skills are essential for this position.
– Confidentiality, maturity, and professionalism at all times are essential for this position.
– Experience in teaching and/or demonstration of science and technology, especially in a community environment.
– The ability to work effectively and efficiently, under stressful conditions, to ensure deadlines are met is essential.
– Autonomous, able to take on responsibilities and coordinate a team efficiently
– Must have demonstrated, through prior work experience, the ability to identify and resolve, in a courteous and professional manner, complex issues and problems while adhering to an appropriate policy and procedure.
– Safety – Knowledgeable on all applicable EH&S, OSHA and regulatory requirements.
– Interest in Art, Technology and Photography.
– Willing to learn, motivated, enthusiastic and social.

20 hours a week (Monday to Friday)

20K€ x 50% = 10K€

IAAC campus, c/ Pujades 102 baixos

Fluent English speaker, Spanish (preferable)

Position Commencement:
As soon as possible

If you are in Barcelona, or you are interested in moving to Barcelona, and working with us, please send us your CV and Portfolio by July 10th 2021 to [email protected]. Email subject should be: 3DPA Coordinator


About the IAAC:
The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is a center for research, education, production and outreach, with the mission of imagining the future habitat of our society and building it in the present.

IAAC follows the digital revolution at all scales (from bits to geography, from micro-controllers to cities, from materials to the territory) to expand the boundaries of architecture and design and meet the challenges faced by humanity. IAAC is an experimental and experiential center where one learns by doing, through a test methodology that promotes real solutions.
IAAC is open, independent and radical; inspired by the values of Barcelona, the capital of architecture and design, where urbanism was invented and where a local high quality and innovation-oriented research is connected to an international network of excellence in technology, architecture and society fields.
IAAC, beyond its educational and pro-research work, is an interdisciplinary and multicultural stable community that seeks permanent contact and cooperation among the hundreds of teachers, researchers, institutions and companies that have worked with us or that pursue the objective of providing solutions to the great challenges of humanity.

IAAC team is a young, multicultural and multidisciplinary team of highly motivated architects, designers and engineers, focusing on the conception, design and  production of novel projects and technologies.


About the 3DPA Program:
The Postgraduate in 3D Printing Architecture is a 6-month long intensive programme in the field of additive manufacturing of sustainable architecture. Between the use of advanced technology for construction and the desire to develop a holistic design approach to architecture, we engage with different areas of research that include robotic manufacturing, material research and performance-based design. The programme seeks to develop technological and architectural solutions in collaboration with Industry partners to answer the current needs and challenges of our habitat.