Meet the 2021/22 3DPA Colette Scholarship Competition Winners!

IAAC proudly announces the scholarship winners of this year’s Postgraduate in 3D Printing Architecture (3DPA). These four students will attend the IAAC for the upcoming academic year 2021/2022. They embark on a 6 month journey of material and manufacturing discovery, here in beautiful Barcelona. Many thanks to Project Colette and all our partners for the support!

Michelle Antonietta Isoldi Campinho

I´m Michelle Isoldi, currently living in Caracas-Venezuela. I´m an architect with studies in Strategic Urban Planning.
I chose to study the 3DPA program at IAAC because I belive it would play a fundamental role in building back our present in a better way, environmentally and economically impacting the digital reindustrialization of tomorrow. The 3DPA is one of the pivital points for the future of eco-housing.

Deena Hassanin

I’m an egyptian architect, currently working as a lecturer at the British University in Egypt. The intensive 3DPA program that IAAC is successfully tackling bridging the gap between academia and industry. Thus, I believe that conducting my postdoc at this program that reflects my interests in earthen materials and digital fabrication, will provide me with solutions to propose different, appealing and fashioned sustainable architecture, innovatively using the humble earthen materials in our arid region.

M. Adel Alatassi

I’m an architect with international work experience, born and raised in Homs Syrian – a student of the world with great dedication.

I chose the 3DPA program because IAAC is a research and multidisciplinar educational center with the social principles that it stands for. This would be the perfect opportunity to develop the set of skills needed to help rebuild and revitalize not only the Syrian context but also a sustainable future.

Charles Musyoki

I hold a degree in Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the University of Nairobi and am currently finalizing my sixth year in Bachelor of Architecture. My ethos lays on practicing sustainable, community-centered architecture in the region, and in doing so, harmonize with the continuously depleting natural environment. 

I chose 3DPA because I’m of the strong belief that 3D printing architecture may be the means for frog-leaping the vernacular construction language within the African continent to the language of the future, the digital age.