Master in City & Technology Alumni Story // Saulė Gabrielė Petraitytė

Over the last 20 years, IAAC has received and been home to more than 1000 students from more than 70 countries, which has led to the creation of an exceptionally international and multicultural Alumni network. IAAC’s Alumni community is an active and dynamic network of visionary professionals distributed around the world, promoting principles and applications of Advanced Architecture and collaborating with IAAC in multiple academic and international research operations.

Today we’re happy to share and celebrate with you the story of one of one of our Master in City & Technology 2017/18 Alumni, Saulė Gabrielė Petraitytė.

Saulė is a Lithuanian spatial data analyst and urban designer. She is the co-founder/CEO of Datahood, a location intelligence startup that provides businesses the ability to evaluate their location by selected criteria or to find one that fits their needs. Her work has been instrumental in the initiation of Govtech Lab Lithuania, one of the leading governmental organizations in the world which promotes the use of technology among governments and institutions.

Here she is sharing her story:

We also wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of the amazing work she developed during her studies in the Master in City & Technology:

  • She designed a platform that engages the citizens of Barcelona to participate in the design and planning of their neighborhood:
  • She mapped and analyzed what the citizens of Barcelona have to say on Twitter about their city:

The Master in City and Technology is a programme for architects, urbanists, designers, computer scientists, engineers, data scientists and entrepreneurs that want to become urban technologists and lead the future of urban environments. If you are passionate about combining design and data science in order to lead the positive transformation of cities and you are willing to work together with multidisciplinary experts, industries and city administrations on real case studies for the acceleration of urban innovation and intelligent design, then the Master in City & Technology is made for you.

Applications 2021/22 are open until the 31st of May!

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