The Master in City & Technology (MaCT) project SISCHAIN: a sorority blockchain wins the BCN Fem Tech prize for gender equality in the ICT sector in the category of Violence in networks.

Gender violence is a violence that women experience daily. The most shocking part is that most violent gender crime cases are never reported. Besides physical abuse in their homes, women are the victims of many expressions of gender violence through their whole life. In fact, in Barcelona since the age of 15 years old 31% women has experiences physical and/or sexual violence, 57% women has suffered general violence and 73% women has experienced violence including exhibitionism and verbal attacks. Main reasons for women not asking for help are related to shame, silence and lack of anonymity.

Given all these, SISCHAIN, awarded the BCN Fem Tech prize for gender equality in the ICT sector in the category of Violence in networks, aims to find a way to help and support the victims of gender violence. SISCHAIN wants to move the society’s position from measuring legal complaints and procedures measuring the need for help but this can not be possible without changing our perspective from problem solving to support giving through an anonymous network through blockchain, where women interact, share their experiences and support each other.

The Barcelona Fem Tech Prize for Gender Equity in the ICT Sector is a call organised by the Barcelona City Council aimed at providing visibility, recognition and support to ICT sector projects led by women and thereby helping to combat the digital gender gap in the city.

The SISCHAIN project was developed in the Master in City & Technology 2020/21 in the Blockchain for Cities Seminar led by Maria-Luisa Marsal Llacuna, and by students Adriana Aguirre Such & Stephania Maria Kousoul.

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