The Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings is a 12-month immersive academic programme with an emphasis in using a practice-oriented approach to train professionals with advanced expertise in the design and construction of ecological buildings.

The MAEB offers a unique immersive education experience, which allows students to examine material and energy issues across disciplines and scales, taking full advantage of an exclusive location: the Valldaura Self-Sufficient Labs, IAAC’s fabrication laboratory in the Collserola Park.

Valldaura is a magical place, a land where the telluric forces are in resonance with time and weather, and, human history, in a 850 year-old settlement by the monks, kings, knights and citizens who built this place.

The history of Valldaura is one of successive periods of progress and decline since the 12th century. A Cistercian monastery in 1150, a royal palace of the Crown of Aragon in 1297, a district of Barcelona from 1517, a farm since 1888 and today, a Self-sufficiency research centre, connecting ancestral knowledge with the most advanced technologies.

IAAC BCN Summer Workshop

The Valldaura Self-Sufficient Labs are at only 30 minutes from Barcelona. The 3000 m2, XIX century mansion is surrounded by 134 hectares of forest and is the home to three laboratories: Food Lab, Energy Lab and the Green Fab Lab.

These laboratories are geared to investigating production processes using the resources of the immediate environment, and developing technologies and knowledge that can be employed in the construction of a new global human habitat.