LIGHT<>MADE by IAAC and Materfad
CCIB Barcelona, 13th – 14th of March 2019

Light<>Made is an exhibition about the complex interactions between light, matter and space. It features novel materials which enable new ways of perceiving form, texture, colour, transparency and content to generate new opportunities in architectural expression. The way we perceive space is strongly affected by the interdependent relations of light and matter: there is nothing for the human eye to perceive until the two come together – light delineates form, it highlights and contrasts matter, altering both its perceived characteristics and that of built space.

In the current era of accelerated digitization, where emotions, social interactions and experiences are becoming increasingly immaterial, Light<>Made proposes a reevaluation of the qualities which arise from the dialogue between the visible and the tangible. It is these qualities which set apart the physicality of a built space from the digital, with persistent relevance into the upcoming age of virtual experience.

Light<>Made is articulated around four possible interactive phenomena between light and matter, facilitating specific changes in the character of a space: Reflection & Perception; Absorption & Mutation; Transmission & Revelation; Emission & Augmentation.

Light<>Made can be explored interactively using mobile light sources, wherein visitors are invited to engage with the material samples and installations to gain firsthand experience aspects of reflection, refraction, absorption, transmission, conduction and emission in a dynamic fashion.

Light<>Made is a collaborative exhibition between the Materfad Materials Center created by FAD, and IAAC Digital Matter, a design and fabrication research division of the Advanced Architecture Group at IAAC.

LIGHTMADE by IAAC and Materfad

Light<>Made is among the features and seminars of the Architect@Work Barcelona Fair, a space where to make an easier interaction and new relationships between architects, designers, engineers, real estate developers or urban planners.