In the episode 3D Printed Future of the Spanish series Cuando Ya No Esté (When I’ll no longer be there), journalist and TV news anchor Iñaki Gabilondo meets at IAAC three experts in 3D printing.

Tomas Díez, FabLab BCN Director, who predicts that in the close future consumers will be able to manufacture most of their objects; Nieves Cubo, industrial engineer, who already managed to print human skin using the patient’s own cells and Ruben Mañanes, physician, inventor and entrepreneur.

When I’ll no longer be there. The world in 25 years is the series in which Gabilondo becomes a special envoy to the future, bringing to our attention a series of issues that directly affect our lives and that, in a few years, we will live in a radically different way.

Through conversations with the big names of the national and international panorama, Iñaki will tries to discover where politics, arts and sciences, human relations, religions, technology are going to.