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Materializing Data through Landscape


from over 45 countries


IAAC – Barcelona
UNIGE – Genova
CIEE – United States


17—18 January 2014


IAAC 22@

Valldaura Self Sufficent Labs



The theme this year of the workshop is that of Materialising Data. Each group of students from IAAC, UNIGE and CIEE will be led by a tutor and will be given data (referred to a broad geographical scale). After analizing this data each group will be asked to MATERIALIZE it through an installation, performance, or structure in Valldaura natual landscape using materials found on site, during a cheerful intense day of workshop open air.


Friday 17th of January

10:45 – meetup at IAAC 22@
11:00/12:30 – presentation of the workshop
12:30 – division in groups
13:30/14:30 – lunch break
14:30/19:00 – working session

Saturday 18th of January

09:00 – meetup at IAAC 22@
09:30 – bus transport to Valldaura Self Sufficent Labs
10:00/14:00 morning working session
14:00/15:00 lunch at Valldaura Self Sufficent Labs
15:00/17:00 afternoon working session
17:00 – presentations
18:00 – bus transport to IAAC 22@

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