Are you a future curious? On 13 March a future-‘supergroup’ will gather for the first time in Barcelona to participate at ‘Fixing the future: adventures in a better tomorrow’ . This is an event organised by our friends from Atlas of the Future and Diari Ara, which will take place at Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), explores the talent solving the audacious goals of our planet with radical methods. You will have the chance to meet a superb lineup of innovators fixing our food, economy and energy, and tackling climate change and water scarcity.

IAAC’s Academic Director, Areti Markopoulou, is one of the 10 leading experts in the star lineup of this event that aims to explain the most transgressive initiatives for the world’s future challenges. Markopoulou is invited to speak about the new role of architecture in shaping the societies of the future, assuming her role as the “City Reinventor“, and she will introduce the research and projects carried out at the IAAC that “rethink conventional architecture” as part of her intervention in the event.

Areti Markopoulou Fixing the Future

“Architecture used to be considered a ‘machine for living in’ that required consuming the environment’s resources. In the Information Age – and following advances of cybernetics, material science and biology – architecture is becoming ‘alive’ with integrated intelligence that’s in sync with its environment and users’ needs.”  – Areti Markopoulou. 

You can download here the full programme of the event in English. Tickets cost 75€ and include entrance to the After the End of the World exhibition. Book before 1 March for the Early Bird price of 40€.

IAAC Fixing the Future