Over the last months, in the framework of the Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings, young architects, engineers and designers have joined forces to critically analyse what is considered today Ecological Building Design.

Next April 5th at the Rei Martí Water Tank, their proposals for the future of Barcelona will be unveiled and displayed in the Advanced Ecological Building Design Exhibition until next April 23rd.

Through the use of digital tools, advanced technologies and a comprehensive analysis of metabolic structures, water, material and energy cycles, these young designers are challenging the processes and limitations of current building design and construction.

Rei Marti Water Tank

Event Agenda:
12:00 – Projects presentation and review
14:00 – Lunch break
15:00 – Projects presentation and review
18:00 – Final remarks – drinks
18:30 – Exhibition Opening

Pilar Aguirre, Giulia Astrachan, Jesus Carlos Bueno, Julianna Carmona, Vincent Charlebois, Yu-Wen Chen, Yu-Ching Chiang, Pablo Corroto Pradillo, Nour El Kamali, Elisabet Fabreega, Kevin Matar, Jorge Luis Morales, Sinéad Nicholson, Liang Qiao, Michael Salka, Yuanpei Tian, Zhipeng Yu, Jie Zhang, Heran Zu

Contributors and Sponsors:
Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings
Valldaura Labs
Ajuntament de Barcelona
Artyplan Global Printers

Vicente Guallart
Daniel Iba?ez

Laia Pifarre
Marziah Zad

Eduardo Chamorro
Javier Garcia-German
Alex Ollero
Guillermo Sevillano (he is giving a lecture on 4th April at IAAC)
Elena Orte
Oscar Aceves
Jochen Scheerer
Miquel Rodriguez
Marta Domènech
David Lopez
Mariana Palumbo
Fabian Asunción
Honorata Grzesikowska
Marziah Zad
Jonathan Minchin
Nicolò Gnecchi
Jordi Vivaldi
Rodrigo Aguirre