Date: May 26, 19:30 (CET)

MRAC Scientific Committee Member / Robots in Architecture / RWTH Aachen

Sigrid Brell-Cokcan is the founder and director of the new Chair of Individualized Production at RWTH Aachen University and co-founded the Association for Robots in Architecture in 2010 together with Johannes Braumann.

IP focusses on the use of innovative machinery in material and building production. In order to create an environment that allows the efficient, individualized production of lot size one, new and user friendly methods for man machine interaction are developed. The Chair of IP employs researchers from different fields of robotics and building production to streamline the necessary digital workflow from the initial design to the production process; shaping the construction site of the future via intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces.

In 2003 she was the founding partner of II Architects int Istanbul/ Vienna. (Best design award at Turkey Build 2008 for Reinforced Prefabricated client: Alacali Construction Industry and Trade Inc.) Before launching her own architecture firm with Baris Cokcan she was working with renowned international architects and engineers Coop Himmelblau, Frank O Gehry, Peter Cook and Bollinger & Grohmann on projects such as Kunsthaus Graz, MARTA Herford and BMW World Munich.
She holds a Doctorate in technical sciences from TU Vienna (2014), a Master in Architecture (1998) from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (honoured with Carl Appel Prize), is a member of the Austrian Chamber of Architects and has completed international studies in architecture at University of Sydney (1994).

Lecture Abstract:
The programming of robots is commonly static and optimized for a clearly defined surrounding. Humans however often work in a highly intuitive, flexible and creative environment. While construction sites are dynamic and unstructured, major parts of information can be connected from the prior designs and planning phases within our research in the Internet of Construction ( This “a-priori knowledge” can help to structure parametric processes in pre-production and on the construction site of the future.

New concepts such as haptic programming or cloud and remote robotics developed at the chair for Individualized Production at RWTH Aachen University uses this knowledge to interconnect common design environments such as CAD and BIM with humans helping robots to learn intuitive processes and vice versa.

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