Subvención : Europa Redes y Gestores – Europa Centros Tecnológicos 2019
Total: 129.117,24€
Referencia: ECT2019-000484


Following up on the development of “Europa Redes y Gestores – Europa Centros Tecnológicos” grant, IAAC coordinated a two-days conferences related to the promotion and acquisition of H2020 projects. The courses, “How to write a competitive proposal for H2020” and “How to write the impact of a H2020 proposal”, hosted by Sean McCarthy from Hyperion, proved to be an exceptional occasion for the personnel involved in current H2020 applications to delve into the relevance of H2020 to EU policies, the common problems in proposal writing or the success criteria for proposals. From this perspective, this introduction allows the EU projects unit to keep on in its objective to position IAAC as a pioneering ground-breaking, research-oriented institute in the fields of architecture and design. Likewise, it allows IAAC to strengthen its EU projects office and contribute to its boost and participation in European projects.