IAAC Online Open Day
Wednesday, January 27th 2021, 17:00 (CET)

Watch the Replay on: Facebook or YouTube

Join us as The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia hosts its 1st Online Open Day of 2021.

The new year brings us great optimism after a difficult 2020. IAAC’s ongoing mission is to innovate through education in Architecture and Design. This year we focus on the needs of our current built environment, habitat and human interaction during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Join our Online Open Day where you have the opportunity to speak with IAAC faculty about specific courses, our facilities and learning & living in Barcelona.

IAAC’s faculty will present:

  • The Institute, and its plans for the upcoming academic year
  • A brief presentation of each of the Educational Programmes IAAC offers

You will also have the opportunity to speak directly with the Directors, Head of Studies and Masters coordinators in breakout sessions at the end of the presentations. During the Q&A section, IAAC will address any doubts about the upcoming academic year.


17.00-17.20:  Presentation of IAAC by Mathilde Marengo
17.20-17.30:  MAA Presentation by Areti Markopoulou
17.30-17.40:  MAEBB presentation by Vicente Guallart and Daniel Ibañez
17.40-17.50:  MRAC  presentation by Alexandre Dubor and Aldo Sollazzo
17.50-18.00:  MDEF presentation by Tomas Diez and Oscar Tómico
18.00-18.10:  MaCT presentation by Areti Markopoulou
18.10-18.20:  MMTD presentation by Daniel Ibañez
18.20-18.30:  OTF presentation by Alexandre Dubor and Edouard Cabay
18.30-18.40:  GSS presentation by Aldo Sollazzo
18.40-18.50:  MaCAD presentation by David Andres Leon
19:00-19.30:  Programme Breakout sessions with Directors and Coordinators