On Friday at 19h IAAC is glad to invite you to the opening of Auto-màtic, an exhibition curated by IAAC Senior Faculty Edouard Cabay which will be displayed at the Arts Santa Mònica centre of Barcelona from June 29th until October 7th. The exhibition addresses the limits and potentials of generative drawing, emerging from data through mathematical and mechanical operations; raising questions on automation, reproducibility, and the role of the arbitrary or accidents as sources of creative experimentation.

The research was developed in the framework of Machinic Protocols, a research line of IAAC’s Master in Advanced Architecture.

IAAC Summer Activities & Events at Arts Santa Mònica 

Friday July 6th –  Machinic Protocols GSS 2018 Lecture

The lecture will be held by Edouard Cabay at the Arts Santa Mònica centre, in collaboration with IAAC Global Summer School (GSS) 2018, an intensive two-week course that connects each participant to ongoing research agendas in robotics, physical computing, digital fabrication with the aim to create new applications of technologies in design. Before the lecture, at 18h, the curator will give a guided tour of the exhibition auto-mátic.

Duration: 1 hour approximately.
In English without simultaneous translation.


Wednesday July 11th – “Conversation about the Auto-màtic Drawing”

The “Conversation about the Auto-màtic Drawing” will be part of the activities of the auto-mátic exhibition, curated by Edouard Cabay and on display at the Arts Santa Mònica from June 29th to September 4th 2018.

What is our relationship with current technology and how can it enrich our practices, beyond optimisation and efficiency? In a process that involves both humans and machines, what are the limits of their respective roles? Moderated by Olga Subirós, and with Oscar Guayabero and Josep Perelló, the conversation will rise questions about automation, reproducibility and the role of everything arbitrary or accidental as a source of creative experimentation.

Learn more info about the event here.

Thursday July 12th  – Guided Tour of the Auto-màtic Exhibition & Workshop

Spirograph Bot Machine realized by Fab Lab Barcelona – Future Learning Unit at Arts Santa Mònica. During this Fabkids workshop, an automated machine will be assembled step by step, in order to make incredible geometric drawings.  The participants will start by making a manual drawing mechanism: the spirograph; later we will gradually incorporate electronic components such as motors. In this way, we will automate the bots until we achieve different types of interaction. Afterward, each participant will be able to generate as many variations of gears as possible to create the maximum of different figures.

Free Activity limited to 20 participants;
Workshop for youth audiences between the ages of 10-15 years;
With prior registration: [email protected]

Learn more about the workshop here.

machinic Protocols in Arts Santa Mònica Centre for Summer Season Exhibitions