IAAC Lecture Series – Constructive Narratives

Lecturer: Marziah Zad

Date: Wednesday, March 24th, 19:30 (CET)

Location: Online – Zoom 

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Lecture Abstract

Events of the past few decades teach us, that how an issue is framed engages society in different ways, often constructing a narrative in conflict with itself. Using design as a platform to reframe the discourse, designers have the power to advocate positive impact, and create narratives that are more constructive.

About Marziah Zad

Marziah Zad is a founding partner of Ashrafi & Zad Design, with professional experience in Iran, Lebanon, Spain, and West Coast USA.
Working with digital tools and advanced technologies, she is interested in how design impacts environments, advocates social equity and celebrates a local to global sense of culture and identity.
Zad has pursued an applied research agenda on the topic of Non-Developable and Complex Manifolds in Light-Weight Construction since 2016. She is currently part of an international research consortium focused on the use of light-weight structures in adaptive refugee housing.
Zad is adjunct faculty of architecture, teaching at the University of Oregon and San Jose State University in California, USA.