The Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is glad to be one of the protagonists of “Knock on wood! Design, wood & sustainability”, co-authored by Vicente Guallart, IAAC founder. The exhibition will be open until 22nd of January 2023 at the Museu del Disseny in Barcelona.

The exhibition Knock on wood, composed of 420 pieces, focus on wood as a key material at the service of human cultural evolution, presenting a broad historical overview leading right up to the present day, with a large section dedicated to current applications of wood (design applied to construction, cars, aeronautics, textiles, acoustics, health, energy and so on), that help to support the planet’s sustainability and which serve as a foundation of the circular bioeconomy.

Considered from the design perspective, the exhibition highlights the wooden objects that have represented a turning point in human life from time immemorial to the 21st century. After a period when wood was replaced by other materials in various areas, the last few decades have seen a recovery and strengthening of design and architecture in wood as a key tool for maintaining quality of life on the planet and halting the current environmental crisis.

The exhibition, curated by Martí Boada and Pilar Vélez, is part of the programme for the annual conference of the European Forest Institute, which designated Barcelona as European Forest Capital 2022.

Photos Anna Mas