IaaC is very pleased to launch the Global Summer School 2016: Hyper Cities. This year the course will explore cities as systems of networked ecologies: a series of co-dependent aggregations revolving around environmental mitigation, land-use organization, communication and service delivery.

The Global Summer School (GSS) is a platform defined by ambitious, multi-scalar investigation on the implications of emergent techniques in our planned environments. Each year, international teams located in key cities around the globe explore a common agenda with projects that are deeply embedded in diverse local conditions.

IaaC GSS is a full-time two-week course open to creative and innovative people who are interested in fields such as architecture, urban planning, digital fabrication and design, searching for a multidisciplinary experience in an international environment.

The GSS16 will be directed by IaaC and developed in collaboration with multiple Nodes participating in the course from and in different parts of the globe including: Barcelona, New York City, Moscow, Beirut, Beijing, Monterrey, Mumbai and Tehran.


The way we describe and understand cities today is radically changing, and alongside this change there is also a radical transformation in the tools we use to design them. Cities call for a different approach towards the development of new multi-scalar strategies in urban design and planning solutions.

Networked ecologies embody the dominant form of organization today: the network, be it telematic, physical or even social. These generate a complexity that can be organized through technology, laws, political pressures, disciplinary desires, environmental constraints and social interaction.

GSS16 will focus on the potentials of this network to work not only at an urban scale, but also across diverse cities, interconnecting and expanding them. These will ultimately create a dynamic and interactive system of Hyper Cities: a variety of city-sensors (digital or analogue) processing and transferring information in explicit manifestations, interrelating with the collective environment.


2016.05.30 – Applications Close
2016.07.04 – Program Begins
2016.07.17 – Program Ends

Please find more information at: http://globalschool.iaac.net/