IAAC Lecture Series 2016/17

19th October 2016
Opening Lecture
Ben van Berkel

25th October 2016
Jaume Prat
MMJ Arquitectes

8th November 2016
Warren Neidich
Saas Fee Summer Institute of Art

10th November 2016
Peter Poulet
New South Wales Government Architect

22nd November 2016
Andy Bow
Foster & Partners

24th November 2016
Tanner Merkeley

29th November 2016
Philippe Block
ETH Zurich

7th December 2016 @20.00
Gunter Pauli

13th December 2016
John Thackara
The Doors of Perception

IAAC Lecture Series is FREE and OPEN to the Public
Lectures are held @ IAAC Auditorium
19.30 – 21.00
(unless otherwise indicated)

For more information, contact: [email protected]