On February 7, IAAC participated in the Annual Baltic Conference on Modern Architecture in Vilnius, Lithuania, entitled Rethinking contemporary architecture designs organized by the Lithuanian Union of Architects in cooperation with  “Structum” magazine.

About the conference

The conference is a space for the debate of professional speakers in which they analyse how to guarantee the development of the city from an integral evolution and how modern buildings can become a monument taking into account the existing social, economic and cultural aspects.

The mission of the conference is to discuss architecture and how its innovations reflect the prosperity of the city. IAAC, together with architects’ organisations and other entities from the Baltic countries, adds its point of view on intelligent technologies, modern building materials and new architectural and construction solutions. In short, how to create a perfect building that meets the attitude and expectations of an innovative city and contemporary community.

IAAC invited as a keynote institution

IAAC’s Academic Coordinator Marco Ingrassia represented the Institute as a keynote speaker giving the conference “Advanced Architecture – Design in the Experience Age” in which he addressed the current challenge of constructing sustainable or even self-sufficient buildings and pointed out how necessary architecture is to tackle the responsibility of responding to emerging needs, technologies and an ever-changing environment.