Initiated by Bauhaus Earth, Towards Re-Entanglement: A Charter for the City and the Earth is a road-map which offers guiding principles for the healthy re-entanglement of human activity with the Earth’s natural systems and the transformation of the construction industry from a driver of the climate crisis, into a regenerative force.

The charter was introduced the past 8th of June at the MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Art in Rome, during a ceremony presented by the Leader of the EU’s Commission Ursula von der Leyen, and to which took part IAAC Founder Vicente Guallart and IAAC CEO Daniel Ibañez, in the capacity of author and signatory of the official document.

Towards Re-Entanglement

The document, which was authored by 18 scientists, architects, spatial planners, and policy makers from around the world, demands that we: 

  • Invest in nature; 
  • Expand the system boundaries of design and governance and the temporal and spatial scales of our agency; 
  • Enhance rather than deplete biodiversity; 
  • Sink carbon by construction; 
  • Capture natural energy rather than extracting fossil fuels; 
  • Question why we build and what we build with and prioritize the reuse of existing buildings and material; 
  • Build dense and polycentric cities to restore urban community and regional wildlands; 
  • Provide secure and dignified homes for all people to build social equity, economic livelihood, and shared respect for our common resources; 
  • Make public space the essential infrastructure of cities and the site of socio-political discourse and innovation; 
  • Empower rural communities; 
  • Welcome new urban citizens;
  • Redefine beauty by building with love and compassion for humans and non-humans alike.
Towards Re-Entanglement

The charter launch has been followed by Bauhaus Earth’s Reconstructing the Future for People and Planet Conference, hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on June 9th ? 10th, 2022.


About Bauhaus Earth

Bauhaus Earth is a nonprofit organization, based in Berlin and Potsdam, dedicated to the transformation of the construction sector and building policies into creative forces for environmental preservation and systemic regeneration.