IAAC Lecture Series 2018/19
Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings

7th of February 2019
Greg Durrens
Earthship Biotecture


@ 19.30, Valldaura Labs
Free and Open to the Public

Greg Durrens IAAC Lecture Series

Greg Durrens is an eco-Builder, engineer, and 3d Artist. He believes that to achieve a peaceful world, everybody must first be able to provide for their vital daily needs, without stress : water, food, shelter. And all of this without ruining the planet. To that end, Greg has dedicated himself to solve these aspects while focusing on ecological autonomous construction and sustainable technology. Greg works with Earthship, to design and build sustainable, self-sufficient houses. He is also currently developing the Fabship Project.

For the last 50 years Earthship Biotecture, lead by Architect Michael Reynolds, has been a pioneer in eco-construction, building off-grid homes with natural and recycled materials. Their projects include disaster relief and humanitarian builds around the world. Today Earthships are tried and tested models for autonomous and sustainable living. They address six basic human needs: comfortable shelter, renewable energy (solar/wind/water), sewage treatment, using recycled materials, water harvesting, and food production. These off the grid homes have been built in many extreme and diverse climates. Earthships have evolved through many models, and as a result their designs and systems have gradually become more practical, affordable and efficient. Earthships provide energy-independent living systems that not only cover all the comforts of a conventional home, but also create a positive and regenerative environmental footprint.