On the 16th and 17th of June a new edition of the Maker Faire Barcelona will take place, an event aimed at those who are passionate about innovation and technology as well as those inventors or curious people who want to share their projects that have the mission of reinventing our cities and societies.


This year the Maker Faire Barcelona will offer a day of talks at the Caixa Forum in Barcelona on Saturday 16 June. The programme “Maker Faire Conversations” aims to provide the Maker Faire Barcelona community with a dynamic format of interaction from the work of remarkable people that are reinventing how we learn or make tools, who are making space exploration accessible for everyone, who are reinventing time, or who are making us think about and protect our digital civil rights.

The Maker Faire Conversations will connect a global leader in the field of knowledge of time, space, robots and more, with a local expert that is making it happen in Barcelona. This is a format for the public to engage in the conversation, where everyone will be able to talk to them, and to interact in an open discussion about the state of the art of making, and the future of technology in society, cities, our planet, and outer spacer.

Currently, the line-up for speakers is still in the process of confirmation. Even so, on behalf of IAAC | Fab Lab Barcelona, Tomás Diez, director of Fab Lab Barcelona and of IAAC’s Master in Design for Emergent Futures (MDEF), as well as Guillem Camprodon, Smart Citizen Kit Project Manager and IAAC faculty member, will participate among other relevant personalities.

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Programme – Maker Faire Conversations – 16th June 2018


12:00-12:25 h Welcome:

Opening to Maker Faire by Mariona A. Cíller (SokoTech), Tomas Diez (Fab Lab Barcelona), Ventura Barba (Sónar) & Miquel Serrano (Fira Barcelona).

Institutional welcome conversation: Gerardo Pisarello (Ajuntament de Barcelona + Jean Louis Missika, (Mairie de Paris) (TBC)

12:30-13:10h Time
Alexander Rose (The Long Now Foundation) + ?Tomas Diez (?IAAC ?- Fab Lab Barcelona?)

13:15-13:55h Space
Ariel Ekblaw (MIT Space Initiative) + Milena Orlandini (Fab Lab Tinkerers? – ESA-BIC)


14:00-15.00h Lunch Break


15:00-15:40h Rights
Mitchell Baker (Mozilla Foundation) – Alistair Alexander (Tactical Tech)

15:45-16:25 h Robots
Gael Langevin (inMoov Robot) – Carme Torras (IRI CSIC-UPC)

16:30-17:10h Tools
David Cuartielles (Arduino) – Guillem Camprodon (IAAC ?- Fab Lab Barcelona?)

17:15-18:00h Digital Cities, Digital Freedom and Digital Privacy
Richard Stallman (Free Software Fdn) + Francesca Bria (Ajuntament de Barcelona)


18:00h Closing

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