From Now to Then: Between Man-Kind and Robot-Kind

Publication Description

‘From Now to Then: Between Man-kind an Robotic-kind’ is a IAAC’s publication developed with the collaboration of global think-tank and research institute The Why Factory, led by world-renowned Dutch architect Winy Maas, and elaborated by IAAC students from the Master in City and Technology 2016/2017. This publication aims to bring together visionary ideas and revolutionary answers to envision and shape the cities and the citizen of the future.

The booklet is the result of the creative work developed by IAAC’s Master in City & Technology 2016/2017 students who have gathered in this publication their ideas on how the future of our cities will look like by bringing together approximate answers, possible beliefs and visionary ideas. The future of cities depends on a lot of different factors such as the development of certain technologies which will be core not only in the evolution of urban habitats but also on how the human body will look like.

Looking at the evolution of the human body in respect to the technologies that will define the urban landscape is a defining factor when we try to imagine the future of our cities. Technology and humans are slowly integrating into one symbiotic organism that functions based on their interaction.

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