From IAAC we wish you all the best for this 2021!

Entering this new year, we want to reaffirm our commitment to education at the highest level and to the determination of the Institute and its students to always look to the future, building the present.

2020 was tough for everyone, we faced many changes and challenges that we had to overcome together.

We thank you for the great trust placed in the Institute, giving us the opportunity to accompany you all in the development of your studies, your professional and individual growth. Our work together will surely bring benefits to society, and to the future of our cities and communities.

Thanks to all our members of our staff, teachers, students and their families for the support during a difficult 2020, and for your commitment to advancing education at IAAC during the pandemic.

IAAC is prepared and excited to welcome 2021 with all the opportunities, excitement and possibilities that may arise.

We wish you all a very prosperous New Year, and the greatest success in your path.
Let 2021 begin!