Fab Lab Barcelona is a fully equipped digital fabrication space that gives you the opportunity to develop your ideas, fabricate your products, and to learn how to make almost anything. There are different ways to join our programs and activities.

If you are and individual, you can:

Get to know the team and the fab lab, learn what machines do we have and what are they for, and which are the projects our students and staff have been working lately.

Fab Lab Network’s educational program that provides advanced digital fabrication instruction for students through a unique hands-on curriculum methodology and open access to technological tools and resources. The Fab Academy serves as a platform to train new Fab Lab leaders in the world; from Barcelona we have helped to establish labs with local champions trained in our program in: Peru, Chile, Brasil, Israel, Spain, Ethiopia, among other countries.

The Bootcamp is a highly intense 7 day workshop that provides all the tools needed to operate a FabLab in the shortest amount of time possible.This course is open to anyone, no previous experience is required. Bootcamps are planned in seasons, usually in summer and winter, check our site for existing offers.

Intensive weekend workshops where people can design and manufacture a product or prototype using Fab Lab’s technologies  (CNC milling, laser cutting, 3D printer, kuka robot, digital embroidery, among others). They are aimed at all those who, with or without previous experience, want to enter the world of digital manufacturing, the maker movement and interaction between the physical and the digital world.

The materials will be provided by the Fab Lab, participants can take their creations home.

If you represent a group (small business, corporate organisation, school or university)

  • Use the services of the Fab Lab Pro

Our Advanced Fabrication office offers its expertise from cad drawings to 3D modelling and fabrication. We do design, products, projects, installations, interiors, programming, interactive installations, video mapping and Consultancy.

  • Hire the services of our Mobile Fab Lab (Pop up Fab Lab) for events, festivals, school activities and other places where you need to make and you do not have a Fab Lab around… we bring it to you!.

Our Pop up Fab lab offers the possibility to have a fully equipped lab where ever you want. We bring a 3D printer, a laser cutter, a mini milling machine and a scanner.

  • Fab Lab for events

Fab Lab provides the ability to develop activities tailored to your needs: specific educational activities, teacher training, team building activities, innovation workshops, among others.

  • Rent our space

Our unique building, a 2000m2 old factory, offers several spaces to rent for events: an auditorium for 75 seats, a warehouse for large events and classrooms.