Today it is difficult to imagine a discipline without any technological element implicated in it; in fact, this is perhaps what defines us: we are technological entities and the use of technology, for better or for worse, defines us. The Advanced Interaction Research Studio counts with students coming from diverse disciplines and is based on the analysis and design of devices and interactive systems, oriented to any professional discipline in which the use of technology appears as a necessity.

The methodology proposed is based on research, experimentation, and analysis of the use of technology in our society. For the spoken reason, a special value is given to the development of projects that have as their main purpose the improvement of the quality of life of all habitats existing on this planet. In this sense the studio focuses on the use of technology within the boundaries of the human habitat, exploring its full potential. Using some of the most current routines within the design of software and hardware, students are provided with the tools that are the basis of the design and the development of interaction.

The research group of Advanced Interaction explores the creative uses of technology for experimental and practical purposes. The learning-by-doing research developed in the Advanced Interaction line integrates methods used in design, programming and social sciences to produce projects, prototypes and products that will define the outer limits of what is possible to do imaginatively with technology today.

Advanced Interaction Studio is directed by Luis E. Fraguada