Johannes Braumann
Johannes Braumann
MRAC Faculty

Johannes Braumann is researching applications of industrial robots in architecture. He is a graduate of Master Building Science and Technology and fellow of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Together with Sigrid Brell-Cokcan, he founded the Association for Robots in Architecture with the goal of making robotic arms accessible to the creative industry, organized Rob|Arch 2012, the first international conference on robotic fabrication in architecture, art, and design, and acted as co-editor of the Rob|Arch proceedings, published by Springer. He is the main developer of KUKA|prc (parametric robot control), a software tool for robotic fabrication and interaction which enables the accessible programming and simulation of robotic arms, directly within a CAD environment.

His research on robotic fabrication has been presented at many international, peer-reviewed conferences, and published in research journals and books. In addition to teaching both technical classes and design studios at TU Vienna, Johannes Braumann has held robotic fabrication and Grasshopper workshops at international venues.

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