DDMP (Distributed Design Market Platform) European project, coordinated by IAAC and co-funded by Europe Creative programme, participates at the Techfestival by bringing together innovative makers and designers

On Friday 7th participants will experience at the Techfestival in Copenhaguen a unique Distributed Design Summit where a great line-up of speakers, among them FabLab’s Barcelona Director Tomás Díez and project manager Ingi Freyr Gudjónsson, will open up a discussion on the future of production and consumption in a digital and globalised world. The development of creative industries, the creative mind-sets will play a crucial role in this event.

The maker movement working and innovating in the growing number of Fablabs and makerspaces across the world has showed that’s possible to make physical projects but with a digital layer and digital tools, often with collaborative processes and the sharing of the digital files or documentation. Creative industries are starting to adopt the tools and methods and develop new business models on top. We see a rise of a new kind of designer that challenges how goods are produced and how customers relate to their products. The union of these new technologies, new global networks of ideas and new sustainable business models is called Distributed Design.

September 7 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Website: https://techfestival.co/event/distributed-design-summit/

Flæsketorvet 10
Copenhagen, Denmark

About the Distributed Design Market Platform

It is a Creative Europe project that aims to foster the development and recognition of emerging European Maker and Design culture by supporting makers, their mobility and circulation of their work, providing them with international opportunities and highlighting the most outstanding talent.