Nominations are now open for the 2019 Distributed Design Award, a partnership between Distributed Design Market Platform (co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union) and INDEX:Award. European makers and designers who have developed a design project affiliated with a Fab Lab are encouraged to apply from now until the closing date March 10 via the INDEX: Award nomination portal.  

About the Partnership
The finalists of the Distributed Design Award will be chosen from the nomination pool of INDEX: Awards. Nominations that are affiliated with a Fab Lab will be eligible to receive the Distributed Design acknowledgement. The finalists will attend the We Make The City festival in Amsterdam to develop their ideas and projects within a dedicated environment. Entrants in the Distributed Design Award are also eligible to win an INDEX: Award which will be announced in September in Copenhagen.

About INDEX: Award
INDEX: Design to Improve Life ® is a non-profit organization with unique design ambitions. Design is no longer just about fashion or furniture, it’s a powerful tool that can improve lives, solve challenges and help secure a more sustainable future. Their work is focused on design that benefits humanity – what they call ‘Design to Improve Life’. This ‘Design to Improve Life’ philosophy is our way of advancing the democratic and human-centred design traditions of Denmark.

INDEX: Award is the world’s largest design prize and widely recognized as one of the most important. It is awarded in five different categories: Body, Home, Work, Play, Learning and Community. Each of the five INDEX: Award winners receives €100,000. With a total prize sum of €500,000, the INDEX: Award is the world’s largest monetary design prize. INDEX: Award shares its core values with the Distributed Design Market Platform; it is the world’s first sustainable design prize.