DAC – Diseño Ambiental Computacional
18th – 28th of March, Nicaragua
IaaC Alumni Event

Organised by: Rodrigo Aguirre (MAA02 @IaaC 2011-2013), Iker Luna (MAA01+OTF @IaaC 2012-2013) and Mauricio Valenzuela (MAA01 @IaaC 2012-2013)

DAC is based on the study of tools for advanced design aiming to create new strategies for design and graphic representation. These tools will be used by students and professionals towards new working paths and managing information in the field of design.

The increment in the availability and use of tools towards environmental simulations within parametric and generative design programmes, facilitates the interaction of environmental factors in the design process from the first stages, bettering the design efficiency, building performance and the creation of performative models in a sustainable and ecological framework.